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Get happy and loyal customers

with RecoAI, an award-winning, privacy and ethical-oriented recommendation system

Product highlights

No compromise on customer experience


Proceeding 4 times more data than competitors, in a time unit (one millisecond)

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Increasing customer satisfaction by recommending best-matching products in real-time

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Building trust with customers by respecting their privacy and the right of choice

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2019 Recsys winners

An award winning solution

We outclassed world class tech leaders by winning the most prestigious competition for recommendation system in the world and proving RecoAI makes #nocompromise

Data privacy and ethical frontend

Increase your customers' trust

We respect customer privacy and provide trustworthy system that gives customers a right to choose how they want to shop

of customers would pay more for a sustainable product
higher price would customers spend more for products from sustainable companies
of customers say they'are more loyal to ethical companies
RecoAI power

Increase all your important numbers

Recommendations help increase your revenues, loyalty and customer engagement

from recommendations only
Customer engagement
From real-time recommendations
Conversion rate
from recommendations

Tons of awesome features

By using the latest AI technology we deliver best-performing product on the market while fully respecting customers’ rights and privacy

Real-Time Recommendations

Increases customer satisfaction, resulting in bigger sales volume and users loyalty

Fits any system and
e-commerce type

Fits to all systems and e-commerce platforms: B2B&B2C, Website & Apps

Fastest Solution on the Market

Written in Rust with SDK in Javascript, Python, Java

Seamless & Fast Integration

Provides clients with ready-to-use system in days, not months

Privacy Oriented and Ethical

Respects clients data and builds customers' trust

360 Shopping Experience

Suggests products, articles, and lifestyle content

Analytics and management

Real-time analytics and strategy builder

Enjoy easy management panel, full of useful analytics.

In Strategy Builder the choice is yours - create as many recommendation strategies as you need manually or simply use an Auto-Pilot mode which brings the power of AI in order to choose the best strategy for your e-commerce.

Some of our customers

Trusted by clients, loved by customers


We adapt to your environment. Fast.

We adapt to any environment in a few days, not months.

RecoAI integrates with any website type, application or platform. We do the integration FOR YOU to feel safe and certain that everything will work just the way you need.

How it works?

We know that every e-commerce is different because the clients are different - hence we believe that personalization is the key to success. Let us understand your company and clients and leave everything else to us.

After 2 weeks you'll get a working system, that will instantly generate revenues for you, by making your clients happy.


Tell us about your needs

We start with a meeting, when you tell us about your e-commerce needs, clients' challenges and about desired outcomes. We also do our own analysis of current recommendations to prepare PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATION STRATEGY.


Installation is our problem!

We know that you don't have time to do it on your own - no worries! Our Implementation Team will do this for you in less than 10 working days, from accepting the Strategy.
We can cooperate with your IT Experts or do it fully on our own - the choice is yours.


Enjoy a working system

Once the system is fully integrated with your e-commerce, it is up to you to choose between creating your own recommendation strategies or using the preset Auto-Pilot mode, that will choose the best strategy, tailored to your needs and your customers' behaviours.


Are you ready?

Schedule a demo meeting with us and we'll advise you on how to use recommendation system to increase your sales and customer experience

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